Unit 7 Africa Page

Afica Image.jpg

7.1 African Geography (Map Activity)
7.2 African Tribes and Tribal Kingdoms
7.3 African Slave Trade
7.4 African Colonial Period
7.5 Post Colonialism & Rise of African Statehood
7.6 Africa Today (Moderns Issues in Africa)
7.7 Things Fall Apart (Honors)
7.8 African Art Page

Africa Review PDF (Helpful Terms)

Africa Study Guide: (PDF)

Other African Links & Sites:

African Studies Center, Penn University Webpage
Internet African History Sourcebook

How big is Africa? Check out this graphic.

National Geographic Africa Educational Page.

An African Assignment: pbwiki page.

Nelson Mandella Article: CNN, Feb, 2011
New York Times ~ Upfront Article on Apartheid

Quizlet Review Cards: (For Africa Test)

National Geographic does a good job showing South and East Africa's highlights