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6.1 The Religion of Islam
6.2 Early Islamic Culture
6.3 Middle East Geography (Map)
6.4 Golden Age of Baghdad
6.5 Rise of the Turks
6.6 Age of Middle East Colonialism
6.7 The Arrival of Israel
6.8 Middle East Post Colonialism
6.9 Muslim Extremism & Terrorism
6.10 21st Century Middle East
6.11 OPEC and Oil Production
6.12 Dubai: The 'Vegas' of the Middle East?
6.13 Turkey
6.14 Women's Issues in the Middle East
6.15 Middle Eastern Culture, Food, Traditions
6.16 Middle East Debates

Middle East Map & Terms


Venn Diagram (for comparisons)

Sites to use to help with your research:

CIA Fact book
World Almanac Online (login: karnscity, password: karnscity)
Wikipedia Online
Info Almanac like database that has info on Middle East countries
Human Rights Watch: Good site for checking to see how your country does on human rights issues.
Country Reports . ORG (Login: Karnscity, password: 16041)

Middle East Links:

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook

Teaching the Middle East:
Scholars from the University of Chicago developed, and master teachers tested,
this resource to provide an overview of Middle Eastern cultures and their contributions to the world.

PRE TEST: See what you already know about Islam. (not graded)