Unit 5 Globalization & Modern Issues


5.1 Human Population Trends
5.2 Human Trafficking
5.3 Organized Crime in the 21st Century
5.4 Organizations of the Global World
5.5 Terrorist Organizations & Global Threats
5.6 Modern Day Piracy
5.7 Refugees
5.8 Overfishing
5.9 Outsourcing & Offshoring jobs
5.10 Global Food Production & Agribusiness
5.11 The European Union
5.12 Covering Modern Issues Project
5.13 Nuclear Proliferation & Disarmament
5.14 Women's Roles in the Modern World
5.15 Water, Resource Wars & Hotspots
5.16 Wildlife Conservation Issues
5.17 Wealth & Quality of Life (around the world)
5.18 Cyber Warfare
5.19 Nationhood & Sovereignty
5.20 The G7
5.21 Universal Human Rights
5.22 World Pollution Issues
5.23 Illegal Weapons Trade, Arms trafficking

Children Soldiers===

Militias and Warlords across the globe are using children as soldiers.
This page helps explain their plights, and where in the world such atrocities are happening.

Water Wars Page

Nations will compete more and more for access to fresh water. This section deals with where those 'water wars' might occur, and what is being done to help nations come to some sort of working agreement to share access to drinking water.

Climate Change & its impact upon the World's Cultural heritage.

Newsweek ran a story in the spring of 2010, profiling the 100 places to remember.

Where Good Ideas Come From? Video Clip

Video Clip: Shift Happens, a production put together to put world statistics into perspective.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

OECD Better Life Index
Want to see which country is the best to live in the world? Depends on what aspect of life
you might be talking about. Click here to view their interactive report. You may be surprised.


2010 Seven Revolutions Link:

The International Crisis Group: Working to prevent conflict world wide.

Long War Journal: A foundation for defense of democracies.

Transparency International: Global coalition against corruption.

Country Rankings: (From Herritage.org)
Index of Economic Freedom
or download the PDF of Why Economic Freedom Matters

Global Trends 2030 PDF (Via the National Intelligence Council)

Pacific Trade Video
Economist Video on Straights of Malacca

Video Clip: How many countries are there? (5:25 min)

Video Clip Strangest Timezones (8:38 min)