Unit 4 Middle Ages Unit


4.1 Dark Ages Lessons

4.2 Middle Ages Lessons

4.3 Renaissance Lessons

4.4 Age of Exploration Lessons

4.5 Scientific Revolution Lessons

4.6 The Enlightenment Lessons

4.7 The Classical Age to Victorian Era (1700's-1800's Europe)

Middle Ages Study Guide

Kahoot Practice #1
Kahoot Practice #2
Kahoot Practice #3

Various Middle Ages Weblinks and Helpful Sites:

Byzantine & Medieval Links Index : Fordham University, This list is now quite out dated. Many links are dead, and there are hundreds of of additional resources around. Manual maintence of this list long ago became unfeasible.

Interactives: (The Middle Ages) Has various links on Medieval life.

Middle Ages Links for Kids: From Mrs. Mitchel's Virtual School page.