Unit 3 Ancient Rome


Map Work for Class

Map Terms. You will be quizzed on these at a later date, so be able to identify them on your print out maps.


3.1 Early Rome (Etruscans & Latins)
3.2 The Roman Republic
3.3 The Punic Wars
3.4 Rise of the Generals
3.5 Augustus Caesar
3.6 The Roman Empire
3.7 Early Christianity
3.8 Roman Daily Life & Culture
3.9 Roman Literature, Art, & Entertainment
3.10 Late Empire
3.11 The Fall of Rome
3.12 The Roman Gods

Roman Study Guide:

Linking the (Roman) past to the present...

~ Unit 3, Famous Roman Quotes Blog Entries:

~ Ever wonder why we call the days of the week by their Latin (Roman) names? Same goes the Months thanks in part to the Julian Calendar.

Other Roman Web Links

The Roman Empire: PBS In the first century website.
Mr. Carlton's Roman Page: Teacher in California, who' really built a cool website on Rome.