Unit 2 Ancient Greece

In 2009, Mrs. Boris and I took a group of KC students on a tour of Italy & Greece.
Here I am showing you the Parthenon, which sits atop the Acropolis in Athens.

Mr. Farrell's Greek Lessons/Modules

2.1 Minoan (Crete) Civilization
2.2 Early Greek City States
2.3 Athens & Sparta
2.4 Greek Advancements (Math, Science, etc)
2.5 The Trojan War & Homer's Odyssey
2.6 The Persian Wars
2.7 Ancient Olympics
2.8 Greek Mythology
2.9 Greek Theater & Performing Arts
2.11 Peloponnese War & the Fall of Greece
2.12 Alexander the Great
2.13 Greek Research Topics (Honors)
2.14 Greek Culture & Crafts

Video: Ancient Greece (overview) by: mrharrisonwrldhist (13:15 min)


Unit 2 Greece Map Terms
Map Activity

Video: Cyprus Now, by Geography Now (9:03 min)

Yale University:

Introduction to Ancient Greek History

Online video lectures link:
By: Donald Kagan is Sterling Professor of Classics and History at Yale University. A former dean of Yale College

Materials you will need:
1) Laptop/computer
2) headphones
3) pen & paper
4) student blog

1) Select one out of the 24 total lecture topics to listen to.
2) Listen to Prof. Kagan, and take notes on what he has to say.
3) Once done, transfer your notes onto your blog, objectively reflecting/summarizing/listing the concepts discussed. (worth 15 pts)
4) Now hop onto 2-3 classmate's pages and briefly read their summary.
5) Respond to a classmate's blog by making either a comment, observation, connection, question, etc. (worth 5 pts)
6) Go back to your own blog, and list the 2-3 student sites you responded to, so that I might follow your postings.

Other Greek Websites:

The Perseus Project : A massive database of Greek links and articles maintained by Tufts Univeristy