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11.1 China Geography
11.2 China's Philosophies
11.3 Early China
11.4 China's Golden Age (The Han)
11.5 Marco Polo & the Silk Road
11.6 Mongol Rule & Kublai Khan
11.7 Chinese Art, Music, etc.
11.8 Ming Dynasty, Treasure Fleets, and Isolation
11.9 China's Colonial Period
11.10.1 Nationalists, Communists, & WW2
11.11.1 China Under Mao and Communist Rule
11.12 China Today
11.13 Chinese Cuisine

Mr. Farrell's Quizlet Review Cards LINK

Overview Video
Video: Chinese History in 20 Minutes, by History Chanel/World History (17:53 min)

East Asian/Chinese Web Links:

China Time Line Link
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
A lesson on the Chinese New Year and the 12 zodiac animal signs,
Article on Understanding the Geography of China, and its various parts.

China Stuff

China Countries Studies, US Library of Congress Links

A 400 year old map, of how China used to see the world. (Thanks Mrs. Bell)

NY Times article on how China wants to help the USA build high speed trains across the country.

Chinese Philosophies/Religions




Notes on Isolation up to the 1930's

Honor's History Asian Reading Assignment Page

Time Line on China's history since 1947 (Post revolution years)

Create a Stick Figure Story that utilizes 5-10 major events from the Time line. These should help explain why China is like it is today. Why did you choose these 5 events or things? Show how they connect in some way, shape or form. It should be some sort of visual interpretation and should have text to explain the series of events you've chosen to describe.

Make sure you profile:
~ Great Leap Forward
~ Cultural Revolution
~ Nixon Goes to China in 1972


Brief video clip (interview) on Chairman Mao 2 minutes
A student's video Story based on Mao's life.


Article from MSNBC about China's growing navy and he concerns that this escalation brings to America's interests.
Article in the PG about Shoe fashion and how it somewhat connects to the ancient fashion of Chinese foot-binding.
So just how big is the Great Wall? (MSNBC Article)

Interesting Video clip via the Economist: Citing China's historic claims around the region and with its neighbors.

China Decades Presentations: Using KC Google Docs (Pgs 920-923)

Log onto , create a google account if you don't have one already.
Your team will create a powerpoint like slide show based on 4 events/topics from your assigned decade.
You will each be expected to explain and contribute. Directions how to log on: KC_Google_Docs_Directions.jpg

Great Leap Forward
Invasion of Tibet
China & USSR's Fallout
China's role in the Korean War

Define Cultural Revolution
Effects of Cultural Revolution
Red Guards
China's role in Viet Nam War

President Nixon's Visit
Gang of Four
Deng Xiaoping
1 Child Policy

4 Modernizations
Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
Tiananmen Square Incident
Tiananmen Square Effects

Handover of Hong Kong
Jiang Zemin
Great 'Firewall' of China
NATO bombing of Embassy

Three Gorge Dam Project
Hu Jintao
2008 Beijing Olympics
Shenzhou-7 Space Walk

For a complete China Timeline, you can use this link as a reference


China Today


7 Things that are not allowed in China: CNN Money