10.1 Benito Mussolini
10.2 Adolph Hitler
10.3 Joseph Stalin
10.4 Emperor Hirohito
10.5 Between the War Years
10.6 WW2 Page
10.7 Post WW2 & the Cold War Page
10.8 Holocaust Page
10.9 Franco's Spain
10.10 Modern Russia Today Page
10.11 Winston Churchill Page
10.12 Propaganda

Venn Diagram Activity: Comparing the WW2 Dictators
Use your books on pg 823+ as well as the internet to fill out the Venn.
Each overlapping section on the Venn is +1 pt as well.
Sheet total is 10 Pts if done correctly.

Video: This Was The Biggest Murder Trial in History: By: Seeker Daily, (3:34 min)