Here is a copy of the World Cultures Sheet/Format

Here is a copy for my Honors Students.
Here is a copy of the Dos & Don'ts for my Honors Students.

Helpful Internet Websites:

CIA Factbook
Stamps from all over the world.
Lonely Planet. Tourist site, which has lots of info on various countries. An online Almanac with lots of info.
World Food Website. Recipies from around the world.
Currency Converter: Click this link to see how much international money is worth compared to the US dollar
BBC News Country Profiles Just what it says.
Historical Costumes from Europe (Can help with your fashion/dress panel)
World This site is so powerful, it should possibly be banned
Maps of the World: Great Map site found by Samantha Martin.
Flags-Flags-Flags: Flag database site. Has almost every flag and info on Great database for flags, maps, & other country data.
Index of Economic Freedom: Ranks countries based on many different factors

Helpful Library Databases/Resources: (Count as non-internet sites)

Country Reports Database: Username: karnscity, password is:16041 (our school zip code)
Oxford Reference: We have used this as an online encyclopedia type source before. (Greeks)
World Almanac Online: Great resource, has everything a real almanac might have. Username & password are both: karnscity.
Encyclopedia Britannica: School database for the classroom. : Has every religion from A-Z broken down with lots of information.

NEED TO MAKE A GRAPH??? Check out this NCES Kids site found by Maren Jones. (Thanks Maren!)

Helpful Advice for Cultures Students: (not for Honors History Students)

Advice for Brochure work (wiki).docx
Sometimes a difference between an A or a B can come down to simple details. I wanted to make a list of things that students might include on their panels so that later after I grade it, folks won’t say “I didn’t know he wanted that.”
Symbols: In addition to showing the flag, you should make sure to explain the symbolism behind the colors and items depicted. Same goes for crest or coat of arms. In cases where you opt to list the national anthem, usually writing one verse and the chorus is sufficient. Some anthems go on and on.

Maps: Political maps ought to include the following: Cities, roads, provinces, borders, Capital (denoted by a star) , and anything else “man-made” that appears on a map. Your physical map should show “natural features” such as rivers, mountains, deserts, elevations, etc.

Dress or Holidays: Pick one or the other. (your choice)
Dress should show both male & female type clothing. Maybe below the examples you can explain various types of fashion and styles. Some articles of clothing have names Holiday panels should NOT just list holidays without explaining them. List several along with a few sentences describing holiday traditions & rituals.

Religion: Give a breakdown (pie graph?) of the major religions found in your country. Also make sure to feature any native religions that may have existed in your nation. Every country has places of worship, or churches. Make sure you have a few pictures showing these sorts of places.

Food Recipes: Make sure to record not only the ingredients uses, but summarize the procedures that are used to make the dish. You don’t have to have a picture of the food, but sometimes it helps explain the dish you are trying to describe.

Economy: Charts, graphs, pie charts etc.. all must be done by hand. List (amounts) exports, imports, GDP, GNP, currency information, industries, etc. Write small, because you will need to fit a lot of info onto one panel.

Government: Show pictures of the capital building, and the current leader. Do a short bio on their leader along with a brief description of their political structure. Also research the various branches of government, political parties, or opposition groups.

Tourist Attractions: Pick 3 popular places tourists tend to visit. Make sure to describe in a paragraph or two about each site.

Time line: The trick here is to pick the top 20 events in a nation’s history, and briefly list them. Try to mix them in variety if you can.

Choice: Whatever you choose, please make sure you describe it with detail or pictures (if possible).