Speech and Debate Syllabus

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Karns City Junior - Senior High School Syllabus

Speech & Debate
Instructor: Mr. Farrell Grade Level: 10th – 12th
Units of Credit: 1 Length of Course: 1 Semester
Period Length: 42 Minutes Periods per Week: 5
Total Clock Hours: 30

I Textbooks: None. However a 3 ring notebook may be needed to contain handout materials, scripts and research information. Various scripts will be purchased through fundraisers, however these become property of the Karns City Debate Team, and will kept & used for future use.

A small black notebook is required for the class. These can be purchased at Staples or Wal-Mart. Most Speech tournaments require a copy of the manuscript to be kept on hand or read from. The standard sizes accepted are these black notebooks.

II. Course Description:

The class will be broken into 3 Sections
1st six weeks of the course = Introduction to competitive events & practice
2nd six weeks of the course = Refine what category or event you wish to use
3rd six weeks of the course = Competition phase, use what you’ve learned.

III Teaching Techniques: Since this class is an elective, it is assumed that the students are fully aware that the course has been set up to cover a variety of literature interpretations & speech events. At times, we will be doing both at once. Some weeks will focus entirely on one modality of an event. (ex. 1 week might be spent on Original Oratory, next week followed by Humorous Interp, etc.)
NFL (National Forensic League) DVDs & Videotapes will be used to model “first rate” speakers. By watching the video & analysis of National contestants, we will discern what qualities and traits to implement into our own presentations.
Peer evaluation will be essential in various stages of the course. Thus when something is performed or presented to the class, every student will be held accountable for honest critiques which will help the presenter improve or better themselves. These Critiques may be positive or negative. , and what helps determine the grade for the course is based upon your ability to improve, adapt or modify your piece or Debate to a higher standard.
Partners: There are various events in which 2 people compete. (Duo, Public Forum Debate, etc.) Usually these two people are ones that have similar interests or can relate well to one another. You pick your partners, and both share the same results. (Both in tournaments & in grades)

IV Procedure for Evaluation: , Grades for the course are based upon your ability to improve, adapt or modify your Literary Interp, Speech or Debate to a higher standard than its original state.

The computer automatically rounds these grades up. I DO NOT MOVE GRADES I use the grading scale laid down by the school district, which is:
100%-92% = A
91%-84% = B
83%-70% = C
69%-60% = D
59% or less = F

FINAL EXAM As stated by the Curriculum Guide, you must attend 1 competitive Pittsburgh NFL tournament, before the semester is over. Once this is done, your Final Exam requirement is fulfilled. Events are usually ranked on a 1-6 ranking at tournaments. Ex. An overall ranking of a 1 or 2 = A, 3 or 4 = B, 5=C or 6= D or F for speech events.
For Debate events, teams are given 3 preliminary rounds. Wins or Losses are how teams are rated. 3-2 Wins = A, 2-1 Wins = B, 1 Win = C (Obviously, if a team makes the semi finals, an A+ would have to be awarded.)
If a team does terrible, they can attend another competition, and re-try on a different weekend. Thus, if success is not achieved on the first attempt, a student has multiple chances to enter and hopefully succeed. As long as the student is willing to attend on a given Saturday, and even if they still lose, they can receive no lower than a C, since they are making the attempt & being dedicated to their event.

A student cannot receive a final exam grade unless they participate in a Pittsburgh NFL tournament. Illness or other excuses cannot be used, since the student will receive a copy of upcoming events on the calendar of possible venues and tournaments that may run. If a coach or teacher cannot attend, a student may (if they choose) attend with a parent and compete. The student’s signed score sheet must be returned to Mr. Farrell, and can be used.

Judges: Usually for every 4-5 students that attend, requires 1 or 2 judges. This means, we will need adults (over 18) to attend and help us on outings. Each student’s household will be asked to contribute one judge once per semester. This can be a family member or friend who is over 18 and NOT a current Karns City Student. There will be a sign-up list, and this was also stated in the curriculum guide prior to your signing up for this course.

VI School Rules (Common Sense Stuff)
1). No food, drink or eating will be permitted in classes or study hall.
2). Students are to be in classes and seated when the tardy bell sounds.
3). Student will be responsible for classroom work when absent whether excused or unexcused (See bulletin board)
4). Students will come prepared to all classes, including study halls, with materials and books
5). Students will show respect toward the other students and all school personnel.

VII Class Requirements & Expectations as follows

A) Students are expected to be in the classroom and ready to being when the tardy bell rings. Failure to comply means a tardy will be turned into Mr. Conto's office per each infraction unless a pass is presented.

B) Students MUST bring their textbooks to class every day unless told otherwise by the instructor. Failure to comply, or any other excuse no matter how heart wrenching will result in a 5 point deduction of the student's six week point total *PER EACH OFFENSE* Prevent this by bringing your book. Students should also bring all necessary materials to class. Students will not be permitted to return tot heir lockers for forgotten materials (School Policy) and these materials will not be lent out by the teacher (i.e. bring your own pencils, tablets, etc.)

C) MISSING CLASS. Since we are running a block schedule, missing one day is like missing 2 regular days in a yearlong class. Karns City attendance policy then stipulates that in order for a student to receive credit for the class, they CAN NOT have an illegal absence & miss 10 or more days of school per semester.
I cannot stress this point strongly enough, but those who have poor attendance are the ones who tend to fall behind or fail the class. In order to do well in this class, you must try your best to be here. If you are aware of an up coming vacation/fieldtrip/sporting event/school activity, then it is YOUR responsibility to make arrangements to balance your schoolwork and complete assigned tasks required. NOT MINE.

D) Use of the Restroom pass.
-You cannot go unless your student handbook is present & signed by a parent/guardian.
-If a book is not present you will be sent to the nurse (and she will send you to Mr. Conto)
-The pass may never be used 5 minutes before or after classes are changing in the halls.

E). Class Cuts Students who cut class will receive an automatic zero for that day's events as stipulate by school policy. That work CANNOT be made up, and offenders will be turned over to the Office.

F). Chewing Tobacco: I reserve the right to inspect tablets, books and even mouths when there is probable cause of somebody chewing. Spitting on the rugs and in books will not be tolerated. (It smells) For this reason groups will not be able to work on the floors on projects. All work must be done up on the desks.

G). Students are expected to be respectful to others, and get along with each other. Rudeness, put-downs and other acts of disrespect will be dealt with immediately.

H) Students are generally expected to follow all school regulations mentioned in the Student Handbooks, and to that which I might need to add to this list for the betterment of the class hereafter.

PART VII ATTENDANCE & MAKE UP WORK This is one of the most important parts of the syllabus, if not the course. When you miss class, you have TWO FULL SCHOOL DAYS to make up missed assignments or homework from the day you return, otherwise I do not have to honor the make up work.

-IF you miss school on the day a presentation or debate round is due, you will be held to it the minute upon your return there will be no extra days granted under this circumstance. Unless you qualify below:

Make up assignments or journals should be placed in the TOP TRAY by the door. Simply drop it in the tray as you walk in the door, instead of placing it on my desk. I will collect it at the end of the day on my way out.

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Event Focus

Introductions & Ice Breakers
The basics

Video Study & Rules Gathering
The Rules
Quiz on event rules

Into to Debate (Congress & P.F.)
Research bills, make arguments

Continue Congress
Sessions of Congress

Public Forum Debates
Round Robin Sessions

Original Oratory Speeches
Peer Review & Score Sheets

Duo Interpretation of Literature
Peer Review & Score Sheets

Poetry Interp of Literature
Peer Review & Score Sheets

Humorous Interp of Literature
Peer Review & Score Sheets

Public Forum Debates
Round Robin Sessions

Prose Interp of Literature
Peer Review & Score Sheets

Practice & Refinement week
Speech or Debate
Review week

Lincoln Douglas Debate
Match-up sessions (random)

Practice & Refinement week
Speech or Debate
Review week

Public Forum Debates
Round Robin Sessions

Practice & Refinement week
Speech or Debate
Review week

Impromptu & Radio Scripts

Schedule subject to change due to unforeseen and overall changes made to the school

Calendar. The above is meant to pose as a thumbnail sketch of units to be covered.