Honors History Wiki Pages

How I am scoring the Wiki:

1-5 pts VISUALS:
Pictures, maps, graphs, charts, visuals, etc. The more the better. Notice in my example, I used lots of pictures and maps???
1-5 pts TEXT INFO
Is this clipped and pasted? Is it your words? Google will tell me if you lifted this off another person’s web page. You can’t hide from Google!!! Did you create a wiki like mine? Or did you simply pound out information with little personal attachment?
1-5 pts WEB DESIGN:
Does your wiki have links, background selection, Did you try to experiment with web links, additional pages, video clips, etc. Do you have a sources page? Are they credible? Varied?
1-5 pts EXTRAS & EFFORT:
How many edits did you perform over the given week? Did you work on it once? Twice? How many saves did you attempt?

20 pts Total Value