Great Wall - Mutainyu, North of Beijing

Meiji Shrine, (Park) Tokyo Japan

Eric Zhou, Chinese Teacher of English, Bejing Middle School

Now works for Queens University, came to visit us in 2006.

(Pictured here with Bill Fedorek)

Peter Hessler

I got to talk (and film) an interview with Peter Hessler (Author of Rivertown, Oracle Bones)
He came and spoke to us one evening after dinner. If you haven't read his books you can click on the titles to learn more about them.
Hessler also writes for the New York Times & the New Yorker magazine.

KCHS Students journey with me to Europe.

2006: (Paris, Barcelona & Rome)
2009: (Italy & Rome)

Barcelona at Parque Guell,

Beth, Zack, & Jackie all pose in front of a Roman Aqueduct at the Pont' du Garde

Group picture above the bluffs of Monaco

We were drafted by our Italian tour guide to for her home country. He we are sporting Italy's team shirts.

Me and the Parthenon atop the Acropolis in Athens, 2009 EF Tour.


Our group from KC during the 2009 trip to Italy and Greece

Our KC group at the Forum in Pompeii, Note Mt. Vesuvius in the background??? Vulcanists say it is due to erupt soon. Yikes!!!

Me standing in the Theater at Epidarus, the largest outdoor venue in the Ancient world. Acoustically perfect. We had a few KC girls sing
and we were able to hear them clear in the back like they were only a few feet away from us.