A few notes from the opening meeting:
~ Any 8th-12 grader is welcome to attend our meetings.

~ The type of debates we'll be participating in are called Public Forum, which are "partner based", (see below) This should make it easier to do since you will always have a partner to rely on.

~ We want to debate "in-house" before going out to other schools, just to get a feel for how debates work. We will have a question and answer session in the next few weeks, where I will sit you down and explain how a debate works, what judges look for, how to make an argument, etc. We can probably hold this after school some time, and I'll bring the popcorn & chips. This would also be a good time for us to do a few ice-breakers or activities of that nature.

~ Next year there will be a KC class offered here titled Speech & Debate which I will be teaching. In the past, my Debate Team students have taken this course, and we have used it as a period in which to practice for upcoming events. It is only offered during the first semester, and you will probably see it in Mrs. Glackin/Sedwick's KC Course Guides in the coming weeks. I encourage all of you to sign up for it if what we are doing this spring interests you. The credits counts as an elective and is .5 credits. There is only 1 section of this class being offered, so sometimes this can be difficult to schedule it in. Ask Mrs. Glackin/Sedwick for more details when scheduling time draws near.

~ The Debate season usually runs during the cold months. It starts in November and usually runs into Febuary. March is what is known as State Qualifiers where schools often compete for a limited amount of state seats. Then States (debate) runs the first weekend in April. I have taken 2 sets of kids to States back in 2003 & 2004.

~ Most of our teams we'll debate against are Pittsburgh based. From KC, this tends to be 1 hour + driving. Since Debate usually happens during the cold weather months, this makes driving a bit tricky sometimes. Usually I take the school van, but sometimes if we have more than 7 on a debate we end up taking a mini-bus.

~ Butler County has few teams compared to other counties. Butler HS doesn't have a team last I heard. Seneca Valley has a relateively new program. Their first year was my last year, back in 2004-05. Mars HS has a good little team. Slippery Rock HS has a speech team, but not a debate team. You will find some teams do speech & some teams do debate. Rarely do both schools do both.