KC Chess Club

Hosts: Mr. Bates & Mr. Farrell

~ We meet Thursdays after school in room 309
~ All grades & skill levels are welcome to attend.
~ We tend to play from 2:30 to 3:30ish
~ Students are responsible for arranging their own rides home.


Every year we hold our annual KC Christmas Chess tournament, which pits 64 KC students in a playoff bracket.
There is an award plaque on which we record the names of the victors. I thought it would be nice to list their names
on this website as well.

2001 Nick Martsolf
2002 Nick Martsolf
2003 Dan Sheehan
2004 Taylor Bricker
2005 Aaron Davis
2006 Chris Rajchel
2007 Dan Sheehan
2008 Dan Sheehan (3peat)
2009 Ethan Ritzert
2010 Matt Slagle
2011 Josh Gibson
2012 Matt Slagle
2013 Dalton Calihan
2014 Caleb McNanny
2015 Caleb McNanny

Helpful Links

Practice your opening moves?

Video Links

Chess Openings:

Basic Opening Principles
A Trap in the Torre Attack
Ruy Lopez, Steinitz Defense: Tarrasch's Trap
Scandinavian Defense
Four Knights' Game


Trompowsky Trap
Lasker's Trap
Black Kostic Chess Trap: Italian Game
White Traps Mate Caro Kann Defense

Defense Strategies/Opening Defenses:

Two Knights Defense
Alekhine Defence
Benoni Defence

End Game:

King and Pawn vs. King
Checkmating with only two bishops
Checkmate with King and Rook vs. King

Other Film Clips

Don't think a teenager can be a chess champion? Meet Bobby Fischer
"Take the Draw" From the film Searching for Bobbby Fischer
Meet Gary Kasparov. Back in the 1990's there were massive show matches as he fought against IBM's super computer, Deep Blue.
Meet Boris Spasky: Cold War Chess Champion

Chess Organizations

Western Pa Youth Chess Organization