Asian Reading Assignment

Worth 60 Pts
Due: Before the end of May

For our final reading assignment, you will select a book from my collection to read based on East Asia.
(Japan, Korea, China, etc) You are then responsible for completing the book and selecting one of the following evaluation options below.

Option 1
Dialogic Journaling (Blog entries) We have done this in the past, so I figure you know what Journal Blog Writing entails. You can let me know and if able I will check on the blog as you write.

Option 2
Book Review Presentation (Power Point) Shown to or performed in front of the class. ( Ex. after reading 47 Ronin,
student dresses up like a Samurai and then explains his role in the booklet. ) Must be 5-10 minutes long. Explain the book in detail. Afterward a 2 pg typed 'summary (Specs found here) reflection' paper should be turned into me.

Option 3
Power Point or Photo Story presentation. Must present 4 chapters at a time. Explains plot setting, details various characters involved with short bios, detail plot. This should take about 5-8 minutes to profile completely and can be shown either to me or the class if you wish. A short summary paper will also need to be turned in. Afterward a 2 pg typed 'summary reflection' paper should be turned into me.

Option 4
Book Talk/Discussion. We meet face to face during a free period or after school and we talk about the book at length. I examine if I think you read the book and ask questions. You turn in a 2 pg summary after the meeting. The summary breaks down how you felt the author did. What would you have changed in the book, with the characters or the ending?

Option 5
Independent Project or Study: You and I discuss what might be an appropriate assessment tool for you to
complete which does not include one of the above options. This is something that should be approved and discussed.
(ex. after reading 47 Ronin, student decides to construct a model of the Samurai castle, or perhaps compare 3 films dealing with this subject and explain how they are similar or different than the book.) Afterward a 2 pg typed 'summary reflection' paper should be turned into me.

Option 6

Create an interactive wiki (like my home page) You would base this off the book. Characters, places, story lines,
about the author, etc. You would build a website based on the book, and use this tool to explain what you read and
the various cultural & historical aspects. See me if you have questions about this, Link this to other sites about the
subject matter, Use parts of the story to create an online reflection page, etc.

Option 7
Mock TV Interview: (group) Pretend you host a talk show, where various guests from the book will make appearances and give interviews. You can take turns having them discuss the plot, things that happen in the story, and give back ground about themselves. Simple props can be used if appropriate, The interview should touch on the major plots and points of the book, and should be under 8 minutes if possible. Afterward a 2 pg typed 'summary reflection' paper should be turned into me.

STIPULATIONS: Your book(s) must conform to the following criteria:

~ Selection can not be a book you read before in another class. (ex The Good Earth, Joy Luck Club, etc.)

~ Selection must average between 300-400+ pgs long. OR you can opt for two books of 200 pgs in length.

~ Two students who choose the same book, ARE allowed to collaborate if they wish. (ex. interact with each other's
journals, combine presentations, etc). Again, this should be cleared by me first, and then we can sit down and
discuss how we wish to proceed with this type of assessment.

~ You have less than 4 weeks to complete this assignment. Requirements must be met by the deadline.

~ Use of spark notes, copying others work, or any other form of cheating will result in a "0" for this assignment.
Be original and do good work.

Possible Titles & Authors


Wild Swans, Three Daughters of China, By Jung Chang (NF)
The Elephant and the Dragon, Rise of India & China and what it means for all of us. By: Robyn Meredith (NF)
Colors of the Mountain, By Da Chen (NF)
River Town, by Peter Hessler (NF)
Oracle Bones, by Peter hessler (NF)
1421 The Year China Discovered America, by Gavin Menzies
Will the Boat Sink the Water, Chen Guidi & Wu Chuntao, (NF)
Legacies, A Chinese Mosaic, By: Bette Bao Lord (NF)
A Single Pebbel, by John Hersey (F)
The Art of War By Sun Tzu, (NF)
Empress By Shan Sa
Red Scarf Girl, By Ji Li Jiang
The Lost Daughters of China, Karin Evans (NF)
When China Ruled the Seas, By Lousie Levathes (NF)


Hiroshima, by John Hershey (NF)
Valley of the Broken Cherry Trees, by Lensey Namioka (F)
The 47 Ronin Story, by John Allyn
Tales of a Geisha, Arthur Golden (F)
Japanese Short Stories, By Theodore W. Goossen, (F)
The Sushi Economy, Globalization & the Making of a Modern Delicacy, by Sasha Issenberg (NF)
Shogun, By: James Clavell (F)
Tai-Pan, By; James Clavell (F)
Zen Reflections by Robert Allen (NF)


Lost Names, by Richard E. Kim (NF)
Year of Impossible Goodbyes, Sook Nyul Choi (NF)
An Na, A Step from Heaven, by Speak
A Single Shard, By Linda Sue Park


Kabul Beauty School, by Deborah Rodriguez
Three Cups of Tea,
Train to Pakistan, by Khuswant Singh (F)
The God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy (F)
Sold, By Patricia McCormick (F)
Fallen Angels, By Walter Dean Myers (F)


The Tao of Pooh, Benjamin Hoff

Asian Reading Dibs Page

(F) = Fiction
(NF) = Non Fiction

If you are writing a short summary for one of the above projects (such as a book talk, power point presentation, journaling) then you will want to address the following issues in a written summary. The specs for this can be found on the Written Report Summary link.