Honor's History Assignment:

In this lesson, you and a partner will be given the task of "discovering" various aspects as to the Sumerian Culture. Each one of you will focus on a particular area, which I will designate with a number below:

1) Architecture & Design (Art)
2) Math & Science
3) Legal Issues
4) Medicine & Astrological

5) Historical Info.
6) Political
7) Religious Beliefs, Myths, and Legends.
8) Time Line Creation.
9) Daily Life & Women's Roles

Your job is to research this subject area and prepare a 2 minute briefing to the class on this information. You may make use of any medium (Power Point, Photo Story, Wiki, etc) that you wish. Be sure to give an overview of the important information, and feel free to make use of multiple sources if needed.

A good place to get started might be here.