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AP World History Page:


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Period 1 - 8000 BCE to 600 AD Period 1 content is 5% of the AP's KCs, .
Period 2 - 600 BCE to 600 AD Period 2 content is 15% of the AP's KCs
Period 3 - 600 CE –1450 AD
Period 4 - 1450 CE –1750 AD
Period 5 - 1750 CE –1900
Period 6 - 1900 to present

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College Board's official 2017-18 (New) Rubrics for the AP (Essay) Exam

LINK AP Course & Exam Description PDF
AP World History: Including the Curriculum Framework (effective Fall of 2016)


AP College Board Approved Syllabus

So You Want To Take AP World History? -Mr. Geoffrion's AP Course Video (3:15 min) This guy nailed it!
Video What is History For? -School of Life (4:13 min)


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Analyzing Primary Sources Work Chart PDF (make copies as needed)

Chapters I still need to record:
Chpts 2, 20, 26, 29,37