The Newest Stage of World History: 1900-Present

Chapter 29 WWI and the Crisis of the European Global Order
Chapter 30 The World Between Wars: Revolutions, Depression, and Authoritarian Response
Chapter 31 WW2 and End of European World Order
Chapter 32 Western Society and Eastern Europe in the Decades of the Cold War
Chapter 33 Latin America: Revolution and Reaction into the 21st Century
Chapter 34 Africa, the Middle East and Asia in the Era of Independence
Chapter 35 Rebirth and Revolution: Nation-Building in East Asia and the Pacific Rim
Chapter 36 Power, Politics & Conflict in World History, 1990-2010
Chapter 37 Globalization and Resistance

LINK: Freeman-pedia, Key Concept Review, Contemporary Period

Talking Points Lectures
6.1 Science & Environment, By: Stanton APWH Video (49:23 min)
6.2 Modern Arts & Culture V.E., By: Stanton APWH Video (7:54 min)
6.3 II, A,B,&C Human Rights, Cultural Identities, & New , By Stanton APWH Video (16:47 min)

Lectures to Watch:

Lecture Famines in the 20th Century: By: APArtHistoryByMrB (9:54 min)
Lecture: Supranationalism Economics: By: Stanton APWH Video (19:45 min)
Lecture 6.1 Modern Changes in Science & Environment, By Stanton APWH (49:23 min)
Lecture: 6.2 Modern Arts & Culture, By: Stanton APWH (7:54 min)

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