SAQs 2017-18

How to Answer the SAQ's (Short Answer Question) ACE Method
Lecture: AP World History SAQ Writing Tips, by: Mr. Aaron Tate (9:34 min)
Lecture: Introduction to the SAQ, by: Mr. Lasseter (7:39 min)

DBQ 2017-18

Lecture: The AP Euro DBQ (Updated for 2017 Rubric) by: Tom Richie (8:56 min)

LEQ 2017-18

Lecture: Introduction to the LEQ , by: Mr. Lasseter (13:58 min)
Lecture: The AP Euro LEQ (Long Essay Question) by Todd Richey (13:56 min)
Lecture: How to Write a Long Essay Question (LEQ) for AP History (APUSH, AP World, & AP Euro) 2018 edition (8:47 min)

Lecture: Synthesis, by: History Haven (11:39 min)

Thesis writing formula: X, However A & B, Therefore Y

Note Taking & Organization Links

VideoThe Eisenhower Matrix: on how to manage tasks. By: TED ED (Time 2:24 min)
The Cornell Note taking method: LINK
Article on Paper vs. Electronic Notes? Voxx Link
American Historical Assoc. Stearns Article "Why Study History?" LINK
Video Thinking Like A Historian -Khan Academy (8:47 min)
Video Taking Notes From a Textbook -By Studyign (3:19 min)
Video How I mind map -By Studyign (4:39 min)
Video How to take notes: -By Watch Well (5:08 min)
Video How to Study for Tests -By Watch Well (4:37 min)
Video So You Want To Take AP World History? -Mr. Geoffrion's AP Course (3:15 min)
The Ultimate List of AP World History Tips -By Learnarator LINK

LINK: AP Worldipedia, which has all of the Key Concepts

LINK: Cool Timeline (horizontal) listing
LINK Another cool timeline, made in 1931, but goes way back and is cool to look at

Videos About the Test

Lecture: APWH Introduction to the AP Exam & 3 types of APWH By: Joseph Wacker (13:16 min)
Lecture: AP World History Thinking Skills, by Jackie Sutton (15:09 min) - She addresses the changes quite well.
Lecture: AP World History Exam Review:Tips, Tricks & Approaches, by: Rob Evans (14:26 min)
Lecture: APWH Exam 1 debrief, by: History Haven (9:21 min)


Taking Notes for APWH, By: APArtHistoryByMrB Video (13:13 min)

Video: SPICE Chart Instructions, explained by: Jackie Sutton (7:43 min)

Apps or Extensions

Remind App
Kami -How to use video (7:33 min) Helps you edit/modify PDFs
Albert i.o. / Learnanator tutorial video

Primary Sources

How to read a document Part I -Khan Academy Video (12:44 min)
How to read a document Part II - Khan Academy Video (13:48 min)



How to be a historian 5 part series

Video: (1) A Guide to Historical Research, by Cynical Historian (1: 54 min)
Video: (2) Differences Between Primary & Secondary Sources, Historical Research by Cynical Historian (3:31 min)
Video: (3) What is Historiography. Historical Research, by: Cynical Historian (2:35 min)
Video (4) Critiquing Primary Sources, Historical Research, by: Cynical Historian (4:16 min)
Video (5) Why Is Citation So Important? Historical Research, by: Cynical Historian (4:48 min)

Video: Does History Repeat Itself? By: Cynical Historian (4:42 min)
Video: China Review: How to tackle China on the AP Test -Stanton APWH (46:00 min)

How to deal with the APWH Multiple Choice Questions

Lecture: MC Questions 1, by: History Haven (13:28 min)

Autopsy of an Empire Project:
Video: Autoposy of an Empire, by: Jackie Sutton (10:13 min)

Video A race against time: manuscripts and digital preservation, by: Smarthistory (6:40 min)

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