Want to see the AP Essay Rubrics?
Here they are:

Makeup of the 2018 AP Written/Essay Exam

Bill Strickland's Essay Dos & Don'ts (Helpful advice)

Thesis or Not? 2009 Comparative Look

LINK: How to build an Argument Tower, by: AP World History Teacher Blog

Below are PDFs I have gathered online from various websites and sources to help you prepare for the AP Essay portion of the Exam. Feel free to print them out or make copies as needed. Special thanks to Mr. Burnett.net

Sample Essay Prompts

Sample AP Questions that have been asked:
You should know each one, and how to answer the subject matter, as these have been used in the past AP exams.

Historical Thinking Skills: Videos to help write your essays:

PART I Crafting Historical Arguments from Historical Evidence -By Stanton APWH Video (7:37 min)
PART II Chronological Reasoning -By Stanton APWH Video (10:55 min)
PART III How to use Comparison & Contextualization Thinking Skills -By: Stanton APWH Video (3:52 min)
PART IV Historical Interpretation & Synthesis -By Stanton APWH Video (5:47 min)

Compare & Contrast Essay Stuff

Lecture: AP World History Comparison Essay By: JBartlett (11:06 min)
Lecture: Compare & Contrast Essay Review By: AP Art History, by Mr. B (8:49 min)
Lecture: Compare & Contrast: Rome & Han Lecture: By: APArtHistoryByMrB (5:11 min)
Lecture: Compare & Contrast Essay: The Last Essay You Will Ever Write, by: TheMrAckerman (30:28 min)
Lecture: Compare/Contrast Essay (Generic) Grapes & Bananas, by: Love Your Pencil (10:25 min)

Change & Continuity Over Time Essays (CCOT)

Video: Historical Change: Cause & Effects (8:13 min)

Lecture: AP World History CCOT Essay, by: Jbartlet (24:14 min)
Lecture: CCOT Tutorial - Strategies for Success, by: Tim S (13:57 min)
CCOT for the AP World History Exam by: APArtHistory ByMrB Video (9:50 min)
CCOT Japan 600-1914 by: APArtHistory ByMrB Video (10:18 min)
CCOT 19th Century Land Empire by: APArtHistory ByMrB Video (9:45 min)

CCOT Review Videos
Lecture: CCOT Essay Thoughts: By:RHTS_PatrickLassiter (13:36 min)
Lecture; CCOT Essay - Example, By:Sara Anderson (35:01 min)

Helpful Videos on Essay Writing

Lecture: Avoiding Common Mistakes in Historical Essays, By: Khan Academy (9:44 min)
Lecture: APWH Synthesis, by History Haven (11:39 min)

Thesis Writing:
Lecture: Thesis APWH, By: Joseph Wacker (15:00 min)
Lecture (Generic Thesis writing) How to write a thesis statement in 4 minutes, by Alex Robinson (3:44 min)
Lecture Thesis Statements, How to Construct and Compose, by: Chris Heafner (5:01 min)

LEQ's Chalkboard Talk, by: Mr. Geoffrion

Lecture: LEQ Chalkboard Talk #1, The Rubric, updated (12:51 min)
Lecture LEQ Chalkboard Talk #2, Comparisson (15:37 min)

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