New DBQ Format:

Video: Write Super DBQs/Be An AP History Hero, by: Mr. Geoffrion's AP World History (16:46 min)
Video How to Write a Document Based Question (DBQ) 2017-2018 edition, by: Steve Heimler (13:26 min)
Video Introduction to the DBQ 2017-18 , by: RTHS_PatrickLasseter (16:13 min)


"In a World... (Contextualization)
Video: Ultimate Movie Trailer "In a World"

Helpful DBQ Video Links:

VIDEO AP World History Sample DBQ -By: J.Bartlett (8:22 min)
VIDEO 5 Tips for Writing a Great DBQ -By: Keith Hughes (10:38 min)
Video Shoe Grouping Activity, By: APArtHistoryByMrB (7;09 min)
Video DBQ Point of View Lecture: By: APArtHistoryByMrB (8:37 min) (unofficially Identifying bias)
Video: How to Write a DBQ Essay "Karate Kid" Parody - (1:52 min)

TOM RICHEY VIDEOS (to help with DBQ)

Video: Setting up your AP History DBQ, By: Tom Richey (13:58 min)
Video DBQ Argumentation (8 Month Writing Clinic) , By: Tom Richey (58:58 min)

DBQ Rubric Stuff
The new DBQ Rubric, PART I- By: Tom Richey Video (6:13 min)
The new DBQ Rubric, PART II - By: Tom Richey Video (6:44 min)
The new DBQ Rubric, Part III -By: Tom Richey Video (6:40 min)
The APUSH DBQ (Updated for 2017 Rubric) Video (8:59 min) *Note: This is for APUS< but the rubric and concepts are the same.

AP Euro DBQ ( I know, it is Euro, but College Board made all rubrics and thinking skills the same)

Video The AP Euro DBQ (Updated for 2017 Rubric) , by: Todd Richey (8:56 min)
Video Using the Documents (The AP Euro DBQ: Part II) , By: Todd Richey (12:55 min)
Video Evidence and Understanding (The AP Euro DBQ: Part III) By: Todd Richey (13:02 min)

Helpful DBQ Slide Links:

How to nail the DBQ -By: Scott Keatley LINK
Master Mike's DBQ advice PDF

SOAPS (Subject, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Speaker)

DBQ SOAPS Analysis Skills, By: APArtHistoryByMrB Video (12:51 min)

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