Lesson 7.6.1 African Resource Wars (Trouble in the Congo)

Resource War.jpg

Background: The Congo is one of the most mineral rich areas in all of Africa,
however the governments in the region are anything but stable. The Democratic
Republic of the Congo currently has over 11 warring groups that are playing tug
of war for control of the country. Who is responsible for this? What is the role of
the Warlords and Militias, What can be done to bring stability to the region? We
seek to answer these questions with the links below.

Youtube Video: 4 Minute History lesson on what's been going on in Congo.
BBC Article on the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Background info)
Crash Course: Congo & Africa's World War

CNN Article: Opinion Article: Why the World is Ignoring the Congo War (12:57 Min)
CNN Article:

PBS News Hour Series
Making it big in the NBA, Bismack Biyombo goes home to Congo to help Video (7:47 Min)
Film Students in Congo, seek to bring their stories to live Video (7:18 min)

What is Koltan?
Who are the M23 rebels?
Joseph Kony?
Video Tungsten, (found in Africa) by: TED ED (2:17 min)
Video: How Your New Smart Phone Funds Africa (3:43 min)
Video: Why it takes 75 Elements to make your Cell Phone, by: D-News (3:37 min)

DRC Webquest Activity.

Download, print out, fill out the questions and then discuss.

Nigeria Is Coming Apart At the Seems -Foreign Policy Magazine Article

Lesson 7.6.2

Modern African Issues Assignment:

Students may work with a partner to research/explain some of the following
modern issues that are affecting Africa.
You may use the internet to come up with the
WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN & HOW to explain the situation.

Here are some choices to pick from:

Rwanda Massacre of 1994 (pg 945)

Democracy in S.Africa (Pg 944)

HIV & AIDS (pg 946 & class hand out

Desertification (Pg 946)

Apartheid (Pg 941)

Darfur & the Sudan Crisis

Organized Crime in Africa

Civil War in the Congo /Resource Wars?

Illegal poaching/Endangered species

Malaria in Africa

Blood Diamonds

Nelson Mandella (Pg 944)

Al Qaeda in Africa

Idi Amin

Boko Haram (video 2:42 min)

Josef Koney

that you will need to print out, and fill in with information on one of the above topics.
Each block is worth a set amount of points, so be sure to explain as much as you can on each of the subjects.

7.6.3 AIDS in Africa (& other diseases)
Handout on AIDS in Africa
Video: One Woman's Triumph Over Aids/HIV in Ghana, by: Seeker Stories (5:29 min)

Video How the Ebola Crisis Changed Africa -Test Tube News (2:28 min)
VideoThe Ebola Virus Explained -How Your Body Fights for Survival -Kurz Gesagt-In a Nutshell (5:30 min)
Video Why Can't We Stop Ebola? -Test Tube News (2:59 min)
Video What we know about Ebola Virus, By TED ED (4:00 min)

Video The World If ... Malaria Drugs Stopped Working, by The Economist (15:07 min)
Video Are We Close to the End of Malaria? -Test Tube News (3:22 min)
Video: Malaria & Miasma, Engagine Etymology, by Cynical Historian (5:10 min)
Video: How to Eradicate One of Our Deadliest Enemies? -By: In A Nut Shell, (7:03 min)

Guinea Worm
The World has never eradicated a parasite, Guinea Worm -Vox Video (2:41 min)

Video Zika Virus Explained -By Vox (2:33 min)
Video What is the Zika Virus? -Test Tube News (1;14 min)
Video The Devastating Zika Virus Explained by D-News (3:30 min)

7.6.4 African Modern Economic Videos

Video What is Behind Africa's Growth? 2013 By Fareed Zakaria (3:53 min)
Video Zimbabwe? 'What in the World' By Fareed Zakaria (4:10 min)
Video Where are Africa's Great Leaders? 2013 Fareed Zakaria (4:27 min)
Video Why the US and China are Investing in Africa? -Test Tube News (2:12 min)
Video Why are White Farmers Losing their Land in Zimbabwe? -Test Tube News (2:17 min)
Video African Oil Production; How Oil is transforming Africa -Test Tube News ( 3:20 min)
Video Why Do Ethiopia and Eritrea Hate Each Other? -Test Tube News (3:32 min)
Video How Corrupt is Kenya? -Test Tube News (3:25 min)
Video: Inside Ivory Coast's Hidden Gold Rush, By: The Economist (5:40 min)
Video Nigeria’s economy is in recession, but the president is absent, by: The Economist (2:31 min)

Africa & Bitcoin Link (1:07 min)
Understanding Western Sahara Link (7:27 min)

7.6.5 The African Union (aka 'The AU')

Video How Important is the African Union? -Test Tube News (2:38 min)
Video Why Morocco Left the African Union -Test Tube News (1:03 min)

7.6.6 African Militant Groups

Boko Haram

Video What is Boko Haram & Why Do They Kidnap Women? -Test Tube News (2:42 min)
Video What Happens To The Women Kidnapped by Boko Haram? -Test Tube (3:00 min)
Video Boko Haram is deadlier than ISIS. Why don't we care? -Test Tube News (3:19 min)
Video Escaping Boko Haram In Search for Food, BY: AJ+ (3:46 min)

Video Origins of Mali's Tuareg Conflict, by: Caspian Report (5:19 min)


Video Who is Al-Shbaab And What Do They Want In East Africa? -Test Tube (3:06 min)

Video: The 4 man-made famines threatening 20 million people, by: Vox (5:14 min)

7.6.7 Endangered African Poaching

BBC Article on training snipers to protect Rhinos.
Video: Burning Millions of Dollars Worth of Illegal Ivory AJ+ (1:12 min)
Video Why Rhinos Need Armed Guards -Test Tube News (1:11 min)
Video America's Plan to Save the Chimpanzee -Test Tube News (1:02 min)
Video Why Can't We Stop Poaching? -Test Tube News (3:32 min)

7.6.8 Other Modern African Issues Links & Videos

Video What is Somalialand, and should it be its own country? -TestTube (3:06 min)
Video: How Corrupt is South Africa? -Seeker Daily, (3:52 min)
Video: A working day (in the life of a baker) in Mali, By: School of Life (4:17 min)
Video: Ethiopia Is On The Brink of Collapse, Here's Why., by Seeker, (4:12 min)

7.6.9 Rwanda

Video: What is Life Really Like in Rwanda? -By Seeker Daily: (3:20 min)
Video Until 2034: Rwanda's eternal president, Paul Kagame, by: The Economist (4:32 min)

Video: The Military Coup in Zimbabwe, by Vox (4:32 min)