7.2.1 African Tribal Activity:


There are many tribes in Africa. For this assignment, you and a partner will select a tribe that
you would to learn about. Then I need you to devise a Tribal display.

Here is the assignment for Tribal Research. Pick a tribe from one of the links below, and then follow the
directions on the assignment.

Directions: You and a partner will design an African Tribal Display. (See demos from Mr. Farrell)
You may use a variety of materials to do this. (Construction paper, note cards, print-outs, etc)
After choosing a tribe from the links below, claim which one will be yours on the chalkboard/whiteboard.

STEP 1:Research, read, & learn about your tribe from some of the links below. OR google them and find
other articles if you can.

STEP 2: Record the following information onto the note cards:
Note: If you cannot find information on one of the listed criteria below, you may
substitute it for additional information or details.

a) Current or historic location of the tribe? (Cities, Countries found?)
b) Dates established (estimate) Population Estimate?
c) Family Life: (ex. Male & Female roles, Children's roles, etc)
d) Daily Life and/or Religious Practices/beliefs OR Marriage, Funeral customs
e) Unique Characteristics of your tribe's people?
f) Enemies? Allies? Trading partners?

STEP 3 Design a Flag or Symbolic Display
This should be something that represents the Tribe. It should NOT be a copy of the tribe's
real flag. Develop this on your own.

Scoring Breakdown/Rubric:
Note Card Info = 12 pts
Flag Design = 5 pts
Pictures/Visuals =3 pt (includes fashion, artifacts, festivals, or whatever you can find)
1st, 2nd, 3rd place Bonus (votes) = 3-5 possible pts

Ethnic Groups in Africa (listing) Wikipedia Has lots of links for basic info. Won't have everything you need,
but it can be a good place to start your search.

The Africa Guide.com (listing) Another resource that lists various people and tribes from Africa.

African Tribes (People) of Africa Database that has over 410 Tribes so check it out!

Everyculture.com has a wide variety of information on various African Tribes.

7.2.2 African Kingdoms Chart of W.Africa

Directions: Use your book to look up information and record on the chart.
Each will be covered on the Africa Exam, so you can use it later to study from.

Here is a copy of the chart:


VideoMansa Musa, One of the wealthiest people who ever lived -TedEd (3:54 min)
Crash Course: Mansa Musa and Islam in Africa (10:30 min)
LINK: Mali Architecture, Great Mosque of Djenne'
VideoKilwa Kisiwani Video, Tanzania -Smart History (8:49 min)
Video: Pre 1500 Africa Stuff, By: Mrharrisonwrldhist (5:31 min)
Video Who built Great Zimbabwe? And why? By: TED ED (5:06 min)
Video: Churches of Lalibella By: History Chanel (2:33 min)

7.2.3 African Tribal Puzzle (Textbook has the answers)

Use books, Pg. 283-303

7.2.4 Kingdom of Aksum

LINK One of the Four Greatest Powers in the World, -Khan Academy

7.2.5 Kingdom of Ife

LINK Article on Sculpture, Khan Academy

7.2.6 Kingdom of the Benin

LINK Article on Khan Academy
LINK Benin & The Portuguese Article
LINK Benin Plaques

7.2.7 Kingdom of the Zulu

Africa: Zulu Empire I Shaka Becomes King, Extra History Video (7:31 min)
Africa: Zulu Empire II: The Wrath of Shaka Zulu -By Extra History Video (8:36 min)
Africa Zulu Empire III Diamonds in South Africa Video -By Extra History Video (9:03 min)
Africa Zulu Empire IV Last Stands of Changing Fortunes -By Extra History Video (9:17 min)

7.2.8 Great Zimbabwe

Video: Lost Kingdom - Great Zimbabwe, by BBC-4 (9:02 min)
Video Who built Great Zimbabwe? And why?, By: TED ED (5:06 min)