7.1.1 African Map Activity

Here is a copy of the map we will use in class. Use your textbook to identify

Atlas in back of the book, Pgs R36-R37
African Map Terms LINK

Videos on African Geography:

Video: Pre-Africa 1500s stuff PART I , by Mrharrisonwrldhist (8:34 min)
Video: The Last Tree of Tenere, by: Atlas Obscura (2:16 min)
VIdeo: The World's Strangest Borders (pan handles) Part I, by Real Life Lore (6:13 min)
Video The World's Strangest Borders (Spain and Morocco) Part 2: Spain, by; Real Life Lore (5:31 min)
Video Why is Africa building a Great Green Wall? By: BBC News (3:14 min)
Video Breathtaking Drone Footage Filmed Throughout Africa, By: Rhino Africa (3:51 min)
Video Sahara Adventure - Algeria !! by: Go Pro Hero (4:26 min)

7.1.2 Geography Now Video Clips

Algeria Video (7:38 min)
Angola Video (8:06 min)
Benin Video (11:10 min)
Botswana Video (11:12 min)
Burundi Video (10:49 min)
Burkina Faso Video (11:31 min)
Cameroon Video (11:29 min)
Cape Verde Video (9:41 min)
Central African Republic Video (10:55 min)
Chad Video (10:23 min)
Comoros Video (11:21 min)
Congos (The Democratic Republic of) Video (12:58)
Congo (Republic) Video (11:37 min)