11.8.1 The Forbidden City:

Forbidden City.jpeg

Video Clips:

Video Beijing Travel Guide: Inside the Forbidden City part I , by: WikiBeijing (45:00)
Video Inside the Forbidden City (Promo video) By:CinevisionGlobal (1:30 min)
Video Forbidden City - Beijing - Lonely Planet travel videos (2:10 min)

11.8.2 Zheng He (The Chinese Columbus)

Introduction video to Zheng He's travels.

Bio or background on Zheng He

Video Clips on Zheng He
His Zheng He's ship's design. - By PBS, NOVA
Video China Rules the Seas, The Invention of the Junk I, By: It's History (9:16 min)

Video: The Voyages of Zheng He, by:Canned Histories (10:57 min)

The controversy: in 1421, some believe the Chinese sailed around the entire world. This would of course re-write the history books. Many scholars are torn by this theory, but a book (1421) put out by Menzies and his website make some big claims. Is it true or false? The jury is still out.


On your blog, pick a side to the debate above. Either Zheng He did journey further than the map above or he didn't. Whichever position you choose, I'd like you to cite your source and defend your position. If Menzies is correct, Zheng He discovered the Americas 50 years before Columbus. You will need to do a Google search to find sources to support your stance. Good luck. WORTH 8 pts

Some More links to help you decide:

http://www.1421exposed.com/html/zheng_he.html (CON)
National Geographic Site:

11.8.3 WHAT THE MING???


Formed after the collapse of the Mongol Rule
This Dynasty ruled 1368-1644.
Many consider this the "Golden Age" of China's history.
Then they Isolated themselves from the rest of the world in the 1600's (Big mistake).

11.8.4 China TImeline Assignment

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