Article on the Silk Road.

Take a look at the article on the silk road above, then I want you to summarize what you've read by creating a newspaper article on it. Show the different stages of the silk road and its impact on world trade. What were some problems or hazards that might be encountered? What types of materials were sent by caravans or by boat? See what you can do with this, then print it out to share with me.

Silk Road Videos:

TED The Silk Road Video (5:19)
Crash Course Video: The Silk Road & Ancient Trade (10:30)
Crash Course Video: International Commerce, Snorkeling Camels & the Indian Ocean Trade (10:14 min)
How China is Reviving the Silk Road -By Test Tube News Video (3:39 min)
Video: How The Ancient Silk Road Pioneered Globalization, by: Seeker Daily (3:25 min)

Tang & Song Dynasties

Video: Tang & Song Dynasties Stuff, by mrharrisonwrldhist (7:02 min)

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