Shang (Early) China


11.3.1 Early China Videos

Video: 2000 Years of Chinese History! The Mandate of Heaven and Confucius, by: Crash Course (12:11 min)
Video: 10 Amazing Ancient Chinese Inventions, by All Time 10's (3:01 min)
Video What Makes the Great Wall So Extraordinary? by: TED ED (4:29 min)
Some amazing 360 degree views of the wall. LINK
Video: Chinese History in 20 Minutes, by History Chanel/World History (17:53 min)
Video: Sun Tzu's Art of War #1 Estimates:, by: Military History Visualized (5:50 min)

11.3.2 Qin Shi Huang (Pronounced Chin-Shee-Who-wang)

The 1st Emperor of China


1st Emperor Video Clip Introduction to his life, 3 minutes long.

Qin Shi Huang Info article (Wikipedia) on his life.

His Terracotta Army & Tomb

Video The Incredible History of China's Terracotta Warriors -Ted Ed (4:31 min)

After watching the film clip, no go back over the man's life and using INSPIRATION 8 software on the laptops to create a flow chart explaining Qin Shi Huang's life. Show the obstacles he had to overcome, and highlight his achievements. You can use pictures and graphic organizers to accomplish this. It should fit on a standard piece of paper, and you should be able to print it out so that I may grade it.

11.3.3 Qin Dynasty

VideoImperial China is Born! The Qin & Han Dynasty, History of China, By It's History (6:40 min)
VideoThe invention of Writing, Paper and Print! l HISTORY OF CHINA -By: It’s History (9:18 min)
Video: The Qin Dynasty Stuff, by mrharrisonwrldhist (6:35 min)

11.3.4 Sun Tzu - The Art of War

Sun Tzu - The Art of War, By: It's History Video (7:56 min)

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