Video The Three Teachings, By: It's History (7:38 min)
Video: Eastern vs. Western Philosophy, by School of Life (3:18 min)

11.2.1 Confucianism

Crash Course 2,000 Years of Chinese History, The Mandate of Heaven, and Confucius (12:11 min)
Website on Confucian Thought: Three Confucian Teachings LINK
Video Eastern Philosophies - Confucius -School of Life (5:35 min)
Video Confucian Ancestor Worship -BBC Radio (1:35 min)
Video Confucius - Master of Philosophy & Fortune Cookies! by It’s History (7:22 min)
Video: Who was Confucius, By: Brian W. Van Norden, TED ED (4:29 min)

11.2.2 Taoism

Mr. Farrell's Notes on Taoism

Video Hidden meanings of Yin & Yang, By: TED ED (4:09 min)
Video Eastern Philosophies, Lao Tzu -School of Life (5:29 min)
Video Eastern Philosophies, Wu Wei -School of Life (5:23 min)
Video One Minute Taoism, by: Thought Monkey (1:00 min)

11.2.3 Buddhism

Video: Buddha & Ashoka, By: Crash Course (12:16 min)
Video Eastern Philosophies, The School of Life (5:43 min)
Video: One Minute Buddhism, by: Thought Monkey (1:21 min)

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