11.12.1 Modern China Videos:

Will China's Economic Growth Slow Down?
Video 2012 Fareed Zakaria's 'What in the World' (3:45 min)
Video How Strict are China's Censor Laws? -Test Tube (3:03 min)
Video Why Western Companies Are Being Targeted ? -China Uncensored (10:07 min)
Video The series is called The People's Republic of Capitalism By: Ted Koppel. (15:01 min)
Video How does China's Government Work? -Test Tube (2:32 min)
Video Why is China's Infrastructure so dangerous? -Test Tube (2:43 min)
Video: How China Steals US Technology -By China Uncensored (11:09 min)
Video China & Mexico: A Forced Friendship, by: Seeker Daily, (3:50 min)
Video China's trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade, By: Vox

PANDAS!!!! (on loan... All your Pandas belong to us!)
Video: China's panda diplomacy, explained, by: Vox (4:50 min)

11.12.2 China's Pollution Problem

Video How Deadly is China's Pollution Problem? -Test Tube News (2:06 min)
Video China's Super Highway (3:01 min)
Video Could China Save the World? -Test Tube (3:18 min)
Video 20 Signs China's Pollution has Reached Apocalyptic Levels -China UnCensored (5:07 min)
Video Why China's Pollution is a Good Thing., -China Uncensored (3:23 min)
Video Why China Wants to End Its Industrial Revolution -Test Tube (4:20 min)
Video: 6 Toxic Chinese Products Found in the US -China Uncensored (8:50 min)

11.12.3 China & Taiwan
Video Taiwan vs China: The One China Policy -China Uncensored (8:49 min)
Video Why China & Taiwan Hate Each Other. -Test Tube News (3:27 min)
Video: Taiwan, 2016 Election, and Why America Cares, By: China Uncensored (5:38 min)
Video: How Powerful is Taiwan? By: Seeker Daily (3:26 min)

11.12.4 China's Population Issues

Video China's One Child Policy -China Uncensored (4:35 min)

11.12.5 The 3 Gorges Dam (Completed in 2014)

Video: 'The Largest Dam in the World'. (24:34 min)
Video China's Mega Dam 2006 1:25 hr. (Discovery Chanel) 25:00 spot shows loss of culture

11.12.6 China's Growing Military Presence & Border Disputes

Video How Powerful is China? -Test Tube (4:09 min)
Video The Fight to Control The South China Sea -Test Tube (3:23 min)
Video Why China Hates Japan? -Test Tube (3:50 min)
Video Videographic: China's Territorial Claims -By BBC (3:07 min)
Video China Ramps up its Military, 2011: Fareed Zakaria 'What in the World' (4:07 min)
Video Why China is building islands in the South China Sea (7:25 min)

11.12.7 Tibet & Autonomous Regions

Video What are China's autonomous regions? -Test Tube (3:27 min)
Video WIll Hong Kong Lose its Independence? -Test Tube (3:10 min)
Video Why isn't Tibet Free? -Test Tube (3:32 min)
Video: How Powerful is Tibet? -Seeker Daily (2:50 min)

11.12.8 China's Relations with the Koreas

Video: Did China Just Buy South Korea, By: China Uncensored (6:36 min)
Video Why China Supports North Korea? -Test Tube (3:11 min)

11.12.9 Tiananmen Square Incident:

Video What Happened In Tiananmen Square? , by: Now This World (2:07 min)