11.10.1 Videos on China's Civil War

Crash Course: Communists, Nationalists, & China's Revolutions (12:10 min)
VideoThe Father of Modern China, Sun Yat Sen, By: It's History (7:38 min)
VideoThe Chinese Civil War, Blood for Unit I , By: It's History (7:56 min)
Video: China's Qing, Nationalists, & Communist Stuff, by mrharristonwrldhist (6:20 min)
Video Mao's People's Republic of China Stuff, by World History & Geography Stuff (6:53 min)

11.10.2 Khan Academy Notes

Lecture Overview of Chinese History 1911-1949, -Khan Academy (11:06 min)

11.10.3 Mr Farrell's Notes: Boxer Rebellion, & Rise of the Nationalist Party

Notes from 1890 up

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