The Cold War



10.7.1 Build a Cold War Time-line Assignment:

After WW2, The Allies and the Soviet Union will become rivals.
This enters the phase of the cold war which will last from post WW2 until
the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990's.

I want you to re-construct a time line/poster of events that span over that time period.
You and a team will construct a timeline by decades

1945-1950 Group A
1950-1959 Group B
1960-1969 Group C
1970-1979 Group D
1980-1991 Group E
(end of the cold war)

Use Webspiration's template (Timeline) to build a sequence of events.

Your textbooks on page 877-887 will be able to help guide you in finding these events.
Make sure to use pictures along with a brief description about your time line.
You need a minimum of 10 events. The assignment is worth: 8 Pts

10.7.2 Video Clips that you may use:

Some various Cold War Video Clips: (All from the History Channel website)
2 minute clip on some benefits that we've received via the cold war.
3 minute clip on the Space Race between USA and USSR
4 minute clip Reagan meets Gorbachev

Other Videos
Video: Zero Hour - Origins of the Cold War, -By: It's History (6:19 min)
Crash Course: The Cold War (13:34 min)
Crash Course The USA & USSR Fight: The Cold War (12:15 min)
Crash Course The Cold War in Asia (13:41 min)
Video PART I What if the USSR had Won the Cold War? Alternate History Hub (5:51 min)
Video PART II What if the USSR had Won the Cold War? Alternate History Hub (4:44 min)
Video What was the KGB & Why Was It So Feared? -Test Tube (3:16 min)

Video Berlin Airlift: The Cold War Begins - Extra History (11:24 min)

Lecture Origins of the Cold War -Khan Academy (11:57 min)

Non-Aligned Movement (Neutrals)
Video: Which Countries Stayed Neutral during the Cold War? By: Seeker Daily (3:52 min)

10.7.3 Make a Top 10 Cold War List

Assignment can be found here:

10.7.4 Helpful Websites on the Cold War:

History Learning Site Link
Cold War Museum Site Link
Cold War Timeline Link
History on the Net Site: The Cold War Timeline Link
Soft Schools Cold War Timeline: Link
Time Toast Link:

10.7.5 The Korean War

Lecture:The Korean War, -Khan Academy (16:10 min)
Video: The Korean War Causes & The United Nations, By History Chanel (8:26 min)

10.7.6 The Cuban Missile Crisis

Lecture Bay of Pigs Invasion, -Khan Academy (13:42 min)
Lecture Cuban Missile Crisis -Khan Academy (19:01 min)

Video: Communism and the Cuban Revolution Castro, the Bay of Pigs the Cuban Missile Crisis, By: History Chanel (11:39 min)
2 minute clip on the Cuban Missile Crisis, By History Chanel

Video: The History of the Cuban Missile Crisis, By: TED ED (4:51 min)

10.7.7 Vietnam War

Lecture Vietnam War, -Khan Academy (17:41 min)
Lecture Pattern of US Cold War Interventions - Khan Academy (9:20 min)
Video on Viet Nam Conflict (2 min)

10.7.8 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

What is NATO? -By HIstoria Civilis Video (7:01 min)
How Powerful is NATO? -Test Tube News Video (3:07 min)
Video: The Theory of Containment & NATO (8:24 min)

The Berlin Wall

Video: Building & Tearing Down of the Berlin Wall History & Timeline, By History Chanel (6:04 min)
2 minute clip on the Berlin Wall
Video: History Brief: The Berlin Wall Explained (4:35 min)
Video: The rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, by: TED ED (6:25 min)

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

Video: The Soviet War in Afghanistan Causes Timeline, By: A.Richards History (6:26 min)

The Cold War Ends:

Video: Gorbachev's Policies of Glasnost and Perestroika Explanation and Significance By: Nate Sullivan (7:35 min)
Video: The End of Communism in Eastern Europe Events and Timeline By: Christopher Sailus (4:51 min)
Video: Fall of the Soviet Union and End of the Cold War Causes Timeline By: Christopher Sailus (6:06 min)
Video: The Reunification of East and West Germany in 1990 By: Education Portal (6:37 min)
Video: Fall of the Iron Curtain, The Cold War Ends, by Its History (8:30 min)