10.6  WW2 Page

10.6.1 WW2 Discovery Learning - Webspiration Activity:

Create a WW2 Research Presentation. It can be a variety of methods:
Prezi, Google Slides, E-Poster, Wiki site, etc.

There is so much to learn about WW2, it could have an entire class of study, and we wouldn't be able to get through the entire event. Instead, this activity seeks to allow the student to select a subject of focus, to develop, explore and then create a layout which might explain a small piece of the greater conflict.

Criteria: Students will be asked to select either a famous person place or thing to explore:

Famous Person (Leaders)
Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini Joseph Stalin Winston Churchill Emperor Hirohito, Rudolph Hess,
Generals: Bernard Montgomery, Erwin Rommel, Herman Goring, Hideki Tojo, Isoroku Yamamoto,
Georgy Zhukov,
Others: Anne Frank, Oscar Schindler, Eva Braun,

Famous Place (Battlefields, Naval campaigns, Concentration camps, ect.)
Midway, El Alamein, Tobruk, Stalingrad, Kursk, Operation Barbarossa, Pearl Harbor (Japanese perspective), Battle of the Bulge, D-Day (German Perspective), Italian Campaign, Guadal Canal, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Pelieu, The Eagle's Nest, Battle Over Britain, etc.
Death Camps: Auschwitz, Treblinka, Dachau, etc.

Famous Object:
Battleships: The Bismark, Yamashiro, Konga, Fuso, Yamatto, HMS Prince of Wales, etc. U-boats,
Tanks: T-34, , Panzer IV, Panzer V, Tiger Tank, King Tiger, Cromwell, Crusader, Churchill,
Small Arms: MP:40 sub-machine gun, Bren SMG, PPSh-41 SMG, Mosin-Nagant Rifle, MG-42, Gewehr Rifles, etc.
Planes: Me-109, FW 190, Mitsubishi Zero, Kate Dive Bomber, Yakovlev Yak Fighers, Spitfires, Hurricanes, etc.

Please note: Kids should not pick something American. It should be from one of the other countries.

Here is an example of a student's efforts to explain a Soviet Era T-34 Tank. Note the detail and development used. One branch explains the tank's specs and abilities. Ex. weight, armament, motor, etc. Another branch explains various battles and engagements used. Another branch detailed what set it apart from other tanks from the WW2 era. There are also multiple pictures and samples given.


~ the subject selected CAN NOT be American. It must belong to another country. Ex. I could not profile Gen. Patton.
~ The Subject must fit on 1-2 pages of paper, must have multiple visuals, as well as text detail, describing the WHO, WHAT,
WHERE, WHY & WHEN of the object.. How did this topic play a factor in WW2?
~ The Print out does not have to be printed in color. Black and White is fine but it must be readable.

TOTAL VALUE: 25 Pts (Text... Who, What, Where, Why, & When = 20 pts, Pics = 5 pts)
Each Text section should break the subject down and elaborate about the specifics of the topic chosen.
Rationale: Explain the topic's role in the War and what part did it play?

10.6.2 OTHER COOL WW2 LINKS you should check out...

Want to see something cool??? How about a WW2 tank that's been buried for 60 some years!!!

Or how about this brother & sister who were broken up by the Nazis in 1942, just found each other in the summer of 2008!!!

They should make a movie on this guy:

Otto Skorzeny A German SS officer/commando who orchestrated some amazing & daring missions during WW2

teacheroz.com An amazing page of links for everything WW2 imaginable. Check it out.
Holocaust Web Links. from above
WW2 Unit types or symbols

Guardian Newspaper Site: Neat WW2 Before/After page, which shows WW2 photos and compares them with scenes from today.

10.6.3 Video Clips on WW2

Crash Course: World War 2 Overview (13:12 min)
Video The Battle of Normandy, by Smithsonian History (2:30 min)

Video WW2 The Resource War I: Arsenal of Democracy -By Extra History (8:43 min)
Video WW2 The Resource War 2: Lend Lease -By Extra History (7:13 min)
Video WW2 The Resource War 3 The Engines of War, -By Extra History (7:37 min)
Video WW2 The Resource War 4, Strategic Bombing, -By Extra History (7:40 min)

Video World War 2 The Battle of Kursk: I Operation Barbarossa -By Extra History (8:23 min)
Video World War 2 The Battle of Kursk: II Preparations -By Extra History (7:43 min)
Video World War 2 The Battle of Kursk: III Day 1 -By Extra History (7:47 min)
Video World War 2 The Battle of Kursk IV Control of the Eastern Front, By Extra history (7:41 min)

Video Hunting the Bismark, Part I The Pride of Germany, (10:31 min)
Video Hunting the Bismark, Part II The Mighty HMS Hood (11:04 min)
Video Hunting the Bismark, Part III A Chance to Strike (11:43 min)
Video Hunting the Bismark, Part IV Sink the Bismark (9:24 min)

Video: D-Day - I: The Great Crusade, Part I, (10:25 min)
Video D-Day II, The Secret War , Part II (11:03 min)

Beginning of WW2 -Khan Academy Video (7:54 min)
1940 Axis Momentum accelerates WW2 -Khan Academy Video (6:13 min)
1941 Axis Momentum accelerates WW2 -Khan Academy Video (12:11 min)
1943 Axis Losing in Europe -Khan Academy Video (4:55 min)
1944 American Progress in the Pacific -Khan Academy Video (7:34 min)
1944 Allies Close In on Europe -Khan Academy Video (6:25 min)
1945 End of WW2 -Khan Academy Video (8:03 min)

The Fallen of WW2 -From Neil Hollaran Video (18:16 min)

10.6.4 Mr Berkley's WW2 Time Line Activity

Directions: Use this LINK to select 3 events during WW2, which you believe to be the most important or pivotal during the war. Be prepared to defend your reasoning/rationale for selecting that event, as Mr Berkley may call on you to explain your decision before the class.