Video: The Rise of the Soviet Union, By: Seeker Daily (4:31 min)

10.3.2 Stalin's Black Famine

Black Famine in Ukraine : Website based on the 1932-1933 genocide caused by Stalin's regime.
Black Famine Questions:

Video: Joseph Stalin: Created Worst Man-made Famine in History - Fast Facts | History (4:15 min)

10.3.3 Stalin Graphic Organizer Sheet

Stalin Graphic Organizer Worksheet:

10.3.4 Stalin Links:

Stalin Time Line

Stalin Project:
The Stalin Project is a multi-media, interactive resource about Stalin and the Soviet people. This site includes text written by the top scholars in the field, a database of over 500 images, primary source documents, videos, lesson plans, and other interactive material.
Jewish Virtual Library: Bio or article on Stalin's rise to power.
Spartacus Educational Biography: Bio (longer) on Stalin and his rule.
PBS.Org: Has a short bio on Stalin.
Revelations from the Russian Archives : A neat primary source site, of Russian de-classified documents

10.3.5 Stalin Game Stuff

Stalin Game Stuff


10.3.6 Joseph Stalin: National Hero or Cold Blooded Murderer?

BBC iWonder LINK Stalin Timeline Activity, Web Quest

10.3.7 Stalin Video Links

Joseph Stalin -Mini Bio Video (4:04 min)
Video: Joseph Stalin Biography, by Cloud Biography (2:35 min)
Video: Joseph Stalin - Fast Facts, By: The History Chanel (4:04 min)
Video: The Rise of the Soviet Union (Start 2:00 in) By: Seeker Daily
Video Joseph Stalin: Biography of the Communist Soviet Dictator, By: Watchmojo (4:37 min)
Video Stalin, Cult of Personality, (1:23 min)
Video Soviet propaganda posters and the Soviet Anthem (Stalin Era) (2:14 min)
Video: Stalin, the Purges, (4:22 min)

10.3.8 Gulag Webquest Activity: (Mr. Berkley's assignment)

Log onto this website LINK, and complete the following questions (see PDF)