10.2  Adolph Hitler

10.2.1 Rise of the Nazi Regime

Wikipedia info on Adolf Hitler

Hitler time line of events
Another time line of his life
An excellent link to the Holocaust & its many resources. Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust.

10.2.2 Adolf Hitler: Man or Monster?

BBC iWonder Series, Timeline LINK

10.2.3 Rise of Hitler & The Nazis

Video Initial Rise of Hitler and the Nazis, Khan Academy (11:07 min)
Video HItler's Beer Hall Putsch, Khan Academy (6:24 min)
Video Hitler & The Nazis come to Power, Khan Academy (11:56 min)
Video Night of the Long Knives, Khan Academy (3:46 min)
Video Nazi Aggression and Appeasement, Khan Academy (7:00 min)
Video: How Did Hitler Rise to Power, by: Gendler/Hazard via TED ED (5:36 min)
Video: Hitler's Rise to Power (1930-1934), By: Simple History (5:08 min)
Video The Rise of the Nazis, By: The History Chanel

10.2.4 Video Clips on Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler, By Mini Bio.com Video (4:54 min)