10.1.1 Rise of Mussolini


Some Information Sources:

Sparticus Educational Article/Bio on Mussolini
Mussolini Time line of events in the 20th century

FOR MS. SHAWLEY's Mussolini assignment:
Fascism in Color 5 part video clips (Discovery series)

10.1.2 Mussolini Notes (Khan Academy)

Video Fascism & Mussolini, -Khan Academy (8:35 min)
Video Mussolini Becomes Prime Minister, -Khan Academy (9:27 min)
Video Mussolini Becomes Absolute Dictator (Il Duce) -Khan Academy (8:26 min)
Video Mussolini Aligns Himself with Hitler, -Khan Academy (7:43 min)
Video: From Socialist to Fascist, Benito Mussolini in WWI, -The Great War (9:56 min)

10.1.3 Videos on Mussolini

Video History Brief: Benito Mussolini Gains Power in Italy, By: Reading Through History (4:22 min)
Video: Mussolini Strives for a New Roman Empire, By: American Heroes (3:26 min)