Egyptian Culture Web Activity:

Use the textbook on pages 72-79. You are going to create a graphic organizer,
sometimes referred to as 'mapping or 'webbing'.
This is an exercise designed to hone your organizational and critical thinking skills.
Using this diagram, I want you to condense the chapter by listing its important details.
This is a type of visual/text summary.



Step 1: Take 2 sheets of blank paper and using a piece of tape, splice/attach them together to form a poster like page.

Step 2: Copy the above chart onto your poster page. Write small enough, leaving yourself enough room to fit all the branches.If you run out of space, you could use multiple pieces of paper if you have to.

Step 3: Use your book to look up information on each branch of the web. Create and draw in your own branches. Be sure to include main ideas, sub ideas, & baby ideas. Each branch needs to be fully developed to ensure you get the maximum number of Pts.

Scoring: Each branch is worth 3-4 pts if properly filled in. Put as much detail as you can, but summarize.
Does not have to be in sentence form, but can be fragmented or bullets. Total value of this assignment is 10 Pts.

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