1.8.1 Egyptian Mythos


The Scale was used to judge a person's heart in the afterlife. The heart was weighed
against 'the feather of truth'. If the heart was heavy with sin, it would tip the scale.
The monster pictured to the right, would then devour the person's soul. However,
if the scale remained in balance, then a soul would be judged worthy enough to
undergo a 1000 year journey back to their body.

Egyptian Creation Video LINK (3:17 min)
Video: Egypt - An Ancient Revolution (Akhenaten) by: Epified (3:42 min)
Video: Pantheon of the Ancient Mediterranean, By: Crash Course (13:00 min) Start about 4:00
Video: The Egyptian Book of the Dead: A guidebook for the underworld, by: TED ED (4:31 min)

The Egyptian Afterlife & The Feather of Truth, by Ancient History Encyclopedia

1.8.2 Mr. Farrell's lecture on Egyptian Mythology. (covering the basics)

There are over 20+ different major Egyptian Gods, but the Osiris Legend connects
many Egyptian beliefs to the this story. Estimated Running time: 10 minutes


TED ED Video: Hatshepsut The Pharaoh that wouldn't be forgotten. (4:33 min)

Review Questions for video above link

1.8.3 Mummification:

Video How to make a mummy -Ted Ed ( 4:45 min)
Video The Egyptian Book of the Dead, by TED ED (4:31 min)

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