1.7.1 Women Pharaohs of the New Kingdom:

TED ED Video: Hatsheput The Pharaoh that wouldn't be forgotten. (4:33 min)
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Mini Bio: Nefertiti: VIDEO (2:44 min) from Bio.
Nefertiti's secret tomb? CNN Video (1:17 min)

Article: Sunken city along Egypt's shore from 700 AD By: CNN Feature

1.7.2 King Tut

Video: The Mystery of King Tut's Tomb & Possible Secret Chamber? by: CNN Video (3:33 min)
Video Mini Bio: King Tut from Bio. (2:19 min)

1.7.3 Ramses II

Video: Moving Temple of Ramses, By: All Wonders of the World (6:00 min)
Video Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel, By: UNSECO/NHK (2:58 min)