Ancient Indus River Valley Page

Student Objectives & Learning Goals:
A) Students will watch and take notes on my lecture from the Indus River Valley Civ.
B) Students will then explore various links associated with the BBC website on the Indus Culture.
C) Students will then complete a 10 pt quiz on the Indus Civilization.

1.3.1 Indus River Valley Notes

Here is Mr. Farrell's Notes/Lecture About 8 minutes or so.


Once done listening to my lecture and taking notes, please investigate this website on the Indus culture.
There are many aspects that you can click onto and learn more. Explore each of the following links:

Land of the Indus Discovery
Way of Life
Home Life
Trade and Travel
Art and Writing
Technology and Jobs
Food and Farming
Games and Toys
The End of the Indus
What They Did For Us

Assessment & Check for Understanding:
There will be a 10 pt Edline quiz

BBC, Primary History

1.3.2 Videos on the Indus River Valley Civ

Crash Course Video: The Indus River Valley Civilization. (9:34 min)

1.3.3 Harappa

BBC Link: The Story of India. The City of Harappa

1.3.4 Other links on the Indus River Civilization
Ancient India

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