1.10.1 Egyptian Neighbors Presentation
Worth 11 Pts, Group Work
Google Account Link: http://mail.kcasdk12.org
Estimated Time: 2-3 class periods. + presentations.

You and a team will be assigned an ancient tribe or people to explore.
These were various contemporaries or neighboring tribes of the Egyptians.
Using our Google Docs you will create a PRESENTATION, which is similar to
MS 'Power Point'. With this, you will create a slide show, which you will then
explain your topic to the class. Each of you will be expected to help build
the presentation, and contribute in presenting it.

First go to
Google Account Link: http://mail.kcasdk12.org
Login is the first two digits of your ID#, last name, then first name followed by @kcasdk12.org
Password is your Student ID# Plus the letters 'kc'. Example:123456kc

You should then click on DRIVE
Select 'New' then create 'Presentation'
Invite your friends, using their email. (See above)

Step 1: Log in. Have one person on your team be the 'creator' of a Presentation Document.
Step 2: The creator/owner of the document must now invite the other students. To do this, type
Login is the first two digits of your ID#, last name, then first name followed by @kcasdk12.org
Password is your Student ID# Plus the letters 'kc'. Example:123456kc
Step 3: Once in, the team should divide up the work as to who will research what material.
Step 4: Use the LINKS page to find information. You may also use your books as a source.

Once your slides are completed, you are ready to present your tribe to the class.


Please include (any 2 slides per person) of the following Slides:

~ Map(s) Slide. (this shows where they lived.) Make sure it shows a few of their cities, or borders of their empire? Maps can include trade routes, expansion, battles, or any other items that might help students understand about the Empire you are presenting.

~ Time Line Slide: This can have important dates showing events that happened to the empire.
List 5-8 major events if you can. Highlight or touch upon the important events, wars, discoveries, etc?

~ Famous Leader Slide: Pick one or a few of their famous Kings or rulers who had an impact.
Use this slide to do a (bulleted) mini-bio or summary on their life.

~ Trade/or interaction Slide with other neighbors. Friends? What items or trade goods
were exported or imported?

~ Warfare or Weapons what types of weapons did they use? Armor? Shields? Siege weapons if any?
War chariots or vehicles? Show pictures, types, and explain. Who were their enemies?

~ Religious Slide List or explain any of their beliefs, practices, customs? Temples or place of worship?

~ Inventions/Discoveries Slide: Did your tribe develop or invent anything? What sorts of technology
did they have or use?

~ Architecture or Ruins Slide: Are there any buildings, temples, or structures left from your tribe?

~ Art, Sculpture, Craft work Slide: Show different statues or remains, stone carvings, etc.

~ Decline & Fall of the Empire: Show or explain what forces came about to end things?

~ Writing System Slide: Did your tribe invent a written language? If so, maybe you can show an example of
their alphabet or their number system?


1-4 Pts PRESENTATION SCORE (each person must contribute to get 4 out of 4)
1-7 Pts 2 Slides per person minimum. Your choices. Any combination from above.
If each is developed and has information needed, then worth 1 pt each.


We will draw lots and teams as well as topics will be decided randomly. This way everyone has a
fair shot at getting the topic they may want.

A) The Hebrews (Pg 45-49)

Ancient Hebrew Research Center: http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/
PBS Nova Series: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/archeology-hebrew-bible.html
Wikipedia Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebrews
Wikipedia: This link will work up to the AD times: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_history
Hebrew's Religion: from Study.com
Ancient Encyclopedia: Ancient Israel
A Crash Course in Early Jewish History LINK

B) The Phoenicians (Pgs 43-44)

Ancient History Encyclopedia: Phoencia
Cool Link on Phonecia
BBC put together a link: http://www.phoenician.org/
History for Kids: http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/westasia/history/phoenicians.htm
Their Alphabet: http://www.omniglot.com/writing/phoenician.htm And: LINK
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenicia
Their Boats: http://phoenicia.org/ships.html

C) The Assyrian & Chaldean Empire (Pg 41-43)

Ancient History Encyclopedia: Assyrians
All Empires.com http://www.allempires.com/empires/assyria/assyria1.htm
Brief History of the Assryians, by Peter Betbasoo: http://www.aina.org/brief.html
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assyria
History for Kids:http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/westasia/history/assyrians.htm
Livius http://www.livius.org/as-at/assyria/assyria.html is a website on ancient history written and maintained since 1996 by the Dutch historian Jona Lendering. It started on a different URL; the present one has been in use since 2000.

D) The Persian Empire (Pg 51-54)

Video: The rise and fall of the Assyrian Empire, by: TED ED (5:16 min)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/acha/hd_acha.htm
History for Kids: http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/westasia/history/persians.htm
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achaemenid_Empire
Flow of History: http://www.flowofhistory.com/units/pre/2/FC15
Persian Alphabet Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Persian_cuneiform
and: http://www.livius.org/articles/concept/persian-alphabet/

E) The Hittites (Pg 39-40)

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hittites
Ancient History Encyclopedia: Hittites
Encyclopedia Britanica LINK
History World.org Site
Time Maps Website LINK

F) The Minoans (Pg. 127-128)

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minoan_civilization
Text info: http://www.ancient-greece.org/history/minoan.html
A kids site: http://greece.mrdonn.org/minoans.html

1.10.2 Egyptian Neighbors Works and Architecture

Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions, (Assyrian) -Smarthistory Video (5:53 min)
Assyrian Relief from the Palace of Ashurnasipall II Emory Univ. Video (3:20 min)
Lamassu From the Citadel of Sargon II -Smarthistory Video (5:08 min)

1.10.3 River Valley Civs Chart

Partner up, get a topic, and fill out this chart.
Be ready for me to pick one of the questions on the 2nd sheet for you to answer or share with
the class. Write small, as the blocks don't give you too much room.