Ancient Sumeria Page

I know it says Lecture 1.2, but this really has to do with some basic Sumerian culture stuff.
So I'm sticking the lecture here in 1.1 Hope that doesn't cause too much confusion.
Lecture runs about 10 minutes or so. Best viewed using Microsoft IE. (sorry)

1.1.2 Videos on Sumeria:

Crash Course Video: Mesopotamia (12:05 Min)
Video Law Code of Hammurabi 1792-1750 BC -Smarthistory (3:16 min)
Video Visiting Babylon -Smart History (7:43 min)
Video Standard or Ur -Smarthistory (8:48 min)
Video TIMELINE: The History of the Future and Everything -Nutshell (5:30 min)
Video Some Very Compelling Evidence the Tower of Babel Was Real, By: Smithsonian Video (3:41 min)

Cool Link to Sumerian Ruins & Death Pit stuff!

1.1.3 Sumerian Work Sheet Activity (6 pts)

Use your book Pg, 35+ on the Sumerian Section and notes as needed.

1.1.4 Sumerian Crossword Puzzle Activity:

Use pgs 33-38 and your notes to fill in what you can.